Thursday, April 3, 2014

Huge Milestone!!!

Dear tutors and students,

Let us celebrate a huge achievement we earned just last month! March 24th marked a huge milestone for us. Thanks to our interns’ tremendous efforts, we now have 101 accepted tutors! This means that we had a 304% growth in tutor base over a 3-month period!

We also went from averaging 200 monthly chat sessions to 340 weekly and student complaints have decreased significantly. 

Never before have we reached such high numbers, and we, as the TutorChatLive family, have never been so proud that we kept going during harder times. We're further proving our concept; there are numerous people willing to join our cause and work for equal educational opportunities. This doesn't mean that we've arrived at our destination: We never want to arrive! But these successes prove that we're on a great path upwards. We must keep doing what we do best and continue building TCL with renewed vigor, knowing that our work makes a huge direct impact in students' lives. We are really excited to share with you many more achievements along the way.  

Cheers to our great interns’ work!

The TCL Team

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