Friday, March 7, 2014

Our first high school partnership!

Dear tutors and students,

Please let us introduce you to TutorChatLive's first high school partnership---California Scholarship Federation - Lynbrook High School Chapter!  

CSF is a prestigious honor society that provides members with several opportunities to perform community service while pursuing academic excellence. Students who wish to join the club must meet a specific academic grade point average, and must participate regularly to retain membership. Currently, CSF has over 190 members, making it the largest volunteer club at Lynbrook High. CSF offers its members opportunities to participate in a plethora of volunteer events, including gardening, marathons, and organizational charity activities. 

Currently 17 dedicated volunteer tutors from CSF are working with us. Since the start of our partnership, CSF tutors have volunteered 329 hours in total and have conducted 232 chats.With help from CSF, we're building a large network of volunteer tutors, effectively garnering community support to assist students academically

We would also like to give a special thank to Anna Her and Patrick Zhang from CSF. Anna and Patrick are currently interning with us and have provided incredible support to help us grow TCL.

Thanks again to CSF! We would not have been able to provide as much high quality tutoring to our students without CSF members' dedication and commitment. We would love to continue to witness how CSF and TCL help each other grow!

TCL team

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