Saturday, November 2, 2013

Current Events - 2nd November 2013

Deadly LAX shooting: Questions over positioning of airport police

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Even as airport police receive praise for chasing a gunman through Los Angeles International Airport, the shooting has raised questions about changes in their positioning -- both their locations when shots rang out, and why a recent repositioning happened in the first place.
Airport police Chief Patrick Gannon elaborated about the strategic shift Saturday, one day after a Transportation Security Administration officer was killed and two others were wounded in Terminal 3. In the past year, he decided to move officers from behind a TSA security checkpoint to in front of it, where they also took on "greater responsibilities."
Was there anything more behind the shift? A law enforcement source told CNN on Saturday that airport police officers had complained to their union about being "bored with the assignment" of being stationed behind the TSA checkpoint.
Concurrently, TSA management complained that airport police officers weren't paying attention -- sometimes perusing their phones, using iPads or reading books -- according to the same source.

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