Sunday, October 27, 2013

Current Events- 27th October 2013

The European leaders are deeply concerned by the widespread spying on world leaders by the U.S. National Security Agency. These leaders concluded during the 2-day European Union summit in Brussels, that the lack of trust caused by these spying acts could greatly prejudice the necessary cooperation between the European countries and the US.
Germany and France intend to hold talks with the US in order to find an understanding on a mutual relation in that field. The priority for this dialogue is to establish a code of conduct for the present and future.
According to the European leaders, the spying on leaders does not only affect political relations but is involved as an economic issue since it is relevant to markets, to the prices, to the mergers and acquisitions. Although the intelligent efforts have a purpose of tackling terrorism and ensuring security, it has gone beyond its limits by spying on leaders as well.
However, US’ security and counterterrorism advisor, Lisa Monaco said that although their surveillance capabilities are excessive, it would be very important to ensure that the US collects the information they need and not just everything they can.

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