Saturday, September 21, 2013

Current Events - 21 September 2013

Current Events -  21 September 2013

Follow up on Syria chemical weapons attack:

In private conversations with Israeli officials and a few public statements, White House officials have tried to reassure Israel that they will not fall for the charms of Iran's new president by prematurely easing pressure on his government to curb its nuclear program. Administration officials have emphasized that they remain skeptical of Iran’s intentions on the nuclear program, and that they will judge Iran by its actions, not by the conciliatory words of its newly elected president, Hassan Rouhani. 

However, the reassurances did not prevent Israel, which sees a nuclear Iran as a dire threat to its existence, from pressing for a more forceful military threat. The United States, while stressing that all options are on the table, has urged Israel to hold its fire and give diplomacy and sanctions more time. But many Israeli leaders and analysts saw Mr. Obama’s zigzag response to Syria’s use of chemical weapons as a bad omen for his resolve in stopping Iran.

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