Thursday, October 25, 2012

This Day in History - 25 October 2012

On 1881, on this day, Pablo Picasso was born.  Regardless of your appreciation for the fine arts, chances are that you are familiar with at least some of his works.  Following the death of one of his close friends, Picasso began to use lots of shades of blue in his work in an attempt to portray his despondency.  This period of his work is commonly called his "blue period" (a fact that may be useful for you should you ever play as a contestant on a trivia game show... or if you just wanted to show off to all of your friends).  He later painted happier scenes, with circus elements and reddish hues.  This came to be known as the "rose period."  Later still, he turned to cubism--a novel 20th century art form that is characterized by geometric shapes and is probably best described by typing in the term on google images.

Picasso's masterpiece, Geurnica, was made in response to the damage wrecked by German planes during the Spanish Civil War.

Check out the following link to read Picasso's biography or to check out some of his most famous paintings:

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