Friday, April 1, 2011

Guest Post: Modern Technology and the Japan Earthquake

Anna Her, a California high school student, has some interesting thoughts about modern technology and its use in the aftermath of the recent earthquake in Japan:

Looking around my room, I see my cellphone, iTouch, house phone, and laptop, on which I am typing this. Within these last few decades, the advances in technology have changed the way we communicate with others. Are we relying on these convenient means of communication too much? Japan has recently been struck with a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, leaving 27,000 either dead or missing. Among the casualties were the modern communication networks. In a tech-crazed society where there are plenty of instantaneous ways of contacting people, the sudden loss of connectivity proved to be frightening. The Japanese people have turned to many old-fashioned alternatives, such as radio, notices on bulletins, newspapers, and even the use of human messengers. “Cellphones and the Internet were the first things to go...Thankfully the old technologies were still around.” said Eri Itobata, a high school student. As Mr. Itobata mentioned, old technology still proved to be useful in times of disaster.

What do you think about the invention of cellphones and computers? Do we take modern communications too much for granted?

To read more about this topic, please visit The New York Times.

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