Sunday, October 3, 2010

60-Second Good-To-Knows: 10/4/2010

This week’s topic: Grammar

On the use of who, whom, and whose

1. Who: This is a subject pronoun, such as “he,” “she,” and “we.” Who is used to ask which person does an action or which person has a certain trait.

Example: Who did last night’s homework?

2. Whom: this is an object pronoun, such as “him,” “her,” and “us.” Whom is used to ask which person receives an action.

Example: Whom will the teacher reward at the end of the school year?

3. Whose: this is a possessive pronoun, such as “his,” “her(s),” “our(s).” Whose is used to ask which person something belongs to.

Example: Whose papers are those on the table?

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