Saturday, August 7, 2010

Site Updates

In case you didn't catch it, we updated a couple sections of our site under "About Us". Here are the updates:

We included the bios of our two newest directors under "The Team":

Yidan (Renee) Shi, Director of Marketing: Renee’s passion towards education attracted her to Originally from China, Renee is currently a student at the University of Pennsylvania, where she is pursuing a Masters in Education within the TESOL program at the Graduate School of Education. As Director of Marketing, Renee is responsible for our organization’s mass media marketing campaigns, reaching out to students and schools, and helping around the office with respects to tutor recruitment and scheduling and monitoring chat transcripts. Outside of, Renee teaches Chinese and English and is a curriculum designer for the Sicola Consulting Group.

Leroy D. Nunery III, Director of Web Development: Leroy became part of after recognizing the potential and energy within the TCL staff. Leroy graduated from Penn (The College) in 2006 as an Onyx Senior Honor Society member after attaining his Bachelor of Arts degree in the field of Sociology. During his undergraduate years, Leroy began combining his broader societal interests with his passion for web and graphic design. In 2009, Leroy helped launch the Creative Confederation Design Group as a way to provide design services for non-profit organizations and small businesses. He is currently working as a web designer in Philadelphia.

We included our Vision Statement under "Company Overview":

We envision an empowered student body with access to essential resources that facilitate students' academic success.

Know that we are also working on improving many other parts of the site such as the forum and online calendar. We'll keep you updated!

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