Friday, May 28, 2010

New Study Break Question

We are proud to announce that user Maintai won this week's Study Break caption contest! They will be receiving 20 Tutor Points! Maintai's caption was:

Fish 1: "It's all your fault the worm is missing"
Fish 2: "You can't prove it, your fin prints are all over that now"
Fish 1: "But you are the one who ate it!"
Fish 2: "Oh Well, I'm off the hook!"

We have now posted this new Study Break question:

The manufacturer of the commercial aircraft pictured here retired it from production in what year?

To participate, simply log in under your student account and visit our Study Break page.

Good luck guessing!


  1. Hey Lydia. If you think that's the answer, make sure to post it on the Study Break page!