Sunday, April 4, 2010

Can you write the best haiku?

We are proud to announce that user Bao won this week's Study Break! They correctly guessed the answer of Salmon and will be receiving 20 Tutor Points!

To mix things up a bit, we have posted a Study Break contest! The contest is: Write a haiku about your school. The user with the best haiku will receive 20 Tutor Points! Remember, you will earn 5 Tutor Points just for participating! In order to qualify, your haiku must be in the proper format.

Example haiku:

Nasty food, noisy students
Should bring my own lunch

Hurry, this contest ends Thursday, April 14, 2010!


  1. Books are on the floor
    The smart board is not working
    A noisy classroom

  2. Through the woods I run
    Content,seeking nothing
    The woods,thay are true

  3. Through the mist I hear
    A wolf whos song I hear near
    Though the mist it ends