Monday, January 25, 2010

28 Days to Launching!

"Rise of Online Tutoring"

"Online tutoring is one of the modes that have revolutionized the learning process. It has not only added dynamism in the learning process but also made quality education available to all, anywhere, anytime. With its innumerable benefits, online class
is fast becoming an indispensable study tool for the students. It has opened up new avenues, for learners to study as per their convenience."

...To read more, please follow the following link: is the best example of how new technologies can best be used to provide students with additional out-of-the-classroom resources. What differentiates us from other online tutoring providers is that, not only do we host an online academic community on our site, but our services are completely free, live, and provided by a highly qualified group of individual tutors who have a passion for helping others.

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